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Understanding the Cost of Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney



To understand the cost of hiring an auto accident attorney, you must first understand that their payment plans usually vary depending on the state and the attorney's personal preferences. The cost of hiring is usually indicated in the services agreement form that the attorney will tell you to sign before he starts working for you. While many lawyers charge hourly fee whereby they charge you a certain agreed amount for every time they spend on your case, the auto accident attorney prefer a total different method known as the contingency fee basis.


On the contingency fee plan the attorney gets his share once the settlement is made. Depending on what you have agreed on, he will take a certain percentage as his service charge out of the amount settled.


The percentage that these auto accident attorneys take varies more across different states. A typical range however that can be used a guide is 25-40 percent of the amount settled. Depending on when the case settles the amount he takes may be on the lower or higher side. If it settles without going to court then obviously what the attorney takes will be on the lower side. This is justified by the fact he will not have done the extra work of representing you at the court of law.


This type of payment plan is the reason why you should not have an excuse as to not hiring an auto accident attorney. A lot of times people blame the lack of finances or the high costs of hiring the attorneys as the main reason for representing themselves. This minimizes their chances of getting any settlement. With this arrangement you can secure their services even when you don't have any money at the beginning. Read about solicitors here at


Depending on the law firm or attorney you are working with you may be required to pay other expenses such as court fees and other litigation expenses upfront. While some will ask you to pay these costs once they become due, others will fully cater for these expenses and deduct all these together with the service charge from the settlement. The attorney's fee is not the only cost in filing. Other costs such as cost of getting medical records, police reports, expert witness fees and court filing fees among others will have to be considered.If you wish to hire the best lawyer near you, check it out!


Knowing the cost of hiring an auto accident attorney is equally important. Make sure you carefully read and understand the agreement forms before committing yourself.